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Your puppy-welcoming shopping list

Bringing home a puppy means a guaranteed influx of excitement and cuteness in your home, but it also means you’ll need a lot of patience, commitment, and important supplies. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, these items should be at the top of your shopping list.

 1. Leash: Your puppy needs exercise, but won’t have the discipline to keep from running off. Puppies are still developing strength, so look for a lightweight leash.

 2. Crate: Crate training is a common, effective method for house training your pup, plus a crate provides a safe, comfortable place for your puppy at night.

3. Safe toys: Much like babies, puppies are susceptible to choking hazards, including toys. Make sure any toys you purchase for your puppy are appropriate for its age.

 4. Food and water bowls: It may come as a surprise, but you should buy bowls that are chew-proof and designed for canines. Puppies often chew on their bowls and cheap, chewed-up plastic can harbor harmful bacteria.

 5. Bath supplies: Beyond the obvious items like shampoo, you can make bath time more enjoyable for you and your pet with a dog dryer, which is less messy and better for your pet than using towels or human hair dryers.


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