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Home Reno Hacks: Budget-Friendly Projects

Me? I’m a big fan of cheap home hacks. You too? Then, pull up a chair; you’re in the right place.

Let me share some of my favorite budget-friendly home reno ideas you may want to consider this fall:

- Paint your old, worn-out front door a warm, earthy hue that compliments your home’s shutters and exterior. 

- Brighten up your living room with a fresh house plant or two, new throw pillows, and chunky, cable-knit throw blankets.

- Replace discolored recessed lights with energy-saving LEDs.

- Create a bold statement wall with paint or wallpaper that suits your personality and pairs well with your furnishings. 

- Install new cabinet hardware in the kitchen and add color with a small, trendy rug. 

- Pull weeds, trim shrubs, and plant seasonal flowers to make your home's outside matches its inside.

Save this post for later and share your reno-on-a-dime wins in the comments below!

Cindy Grenier, Realtor


Selling Winnipeg, Steinbach, Niverville and areas since 2008. Services en Français.

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