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Cindy Grenier

Broker, Realtor(R) 






15 Scurfield Blvd

Winnipeg, MB


Pricing Strategies Analyst (PSA)

REO Properties

Licensed Realtor(R)

Real Estate Broker 

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A Little Bit About Me

I am extremely good at one thing. And that is to connect homebuyers to the perfect home. With 15 years of experience helping individuals buy and sell Real Estate in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, I have the insight to guide you through the process of the purchase or sale of your property. 

The strategy is simple. Prioritizing you and your needs as my client, ensuring that the channels of communication are open and utilized, following a well-designed custom plan to get you from your point A to your point B, and educating you along the way so that you can make sound informed decisions are only a few of the qualities that I bring to the table. I utilize modern marketing strategies. I put you in contact with other industry professionals. And I get to know you and your family to ensure that your move is beyond your expectations. 

January 2023 - June 2024

Work and Life Experience

It's in 2008 that Cindy completes her Real Estate Salesperson course and begins her journey selling Real Estate. Based in Winnipeg, Cindy learns the ropes from experienced mentors and learns the intricacies of the Winnipeg market. 

In 2010, Cindy moves her family to the small town of Otterburne, where she joins a local boutique brokerage. Until 2014, Cindy learns the world of agricultural and commercial real estate. She continues to work with residential clients, having found her preferred sector, however does not back down when facing more challenging contracts. 

During the year 2014, Cindy completes her Real Estate Broker course and obtains a license to act as Broker with her current company. As a Broker, Cindy continues to buy and sell Real Estate on behalf of her many clients, but she also runs her office. In 2017, Cindy acquires the company and continues her journey as the company owner. 

In December 2019, Cindy joins forces with Keller Williams Real Estate Services out of Winnipeg. As Alternate Broker and Realtor, she is able to continue on her career path with the fastest growing Real Estate company in North America.

Currently still residing in Otterburne with her three school-aged sons, her dog and her cat, Cindy services the Winnipeg region as well as the Southeast of Manitoba, including Steinbach and Niverville. She is also a member of the St Pierre Chamber board, the St Pierre CDC board and acts as Treasurer on her son's Air Cadet Squadron committee. 

When she takes time off, you can find her exploring beaches and museums with her kids all over Manitoba. At home, she spends a lot of her time cooking new dishes, playing board games and watching old movies with her three boys. They spend countless hours outside spending time with their pets, or sitting on the deck to watch the sunsets in the evenings. 

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