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Your Enneagram as a Home Buyer

Enneagram. If you know, you know. If you don't, you should. (Seriously. Google it, take an assessment, and then come back to see how your Enneagram may help guide your home search.) ⁣

Know your type already? (I’m a proud *Investigator.*) Here’s what it says about your next home:⁣

Type 1 - Reformers. Because of their desire to improve the world around them, reformers should look for a fixer-upper. They naturally see what could be and have the organizational skills to get it done.⁣

Type 2 - Helpers. Helpers may prefer an open-concept floor plan with large entertainment spaces to allow them the room to regularly welcome, host, and enjoy a house full of friends.⁣

Type 3 - Achievers. Because of their drive to succeed, Achievers would feel most at home in a well appointed home to display and celebrate their successes and achievements.⁣

Type 4 - Individualists. Individualists pride themselves on their individuality, so naturally, they might avoid a master-planned communities and typical floor plans. The quirkier, the better.⁣

Type 5 - Investigators. Investigators are incredibly perceptive but also a tad suspicious. They often keep to themselves, so a home off the beaten path with space to breathe would suit them best.⁣

Type 6 - Loyalists. Loyalists are fiercely devoted to others, make informed decisions, and crave security. They would thrive in a traditional neighborhood where they feel secure and a part of the community.⁣

Type 7 - Enthusiasts. Enthusiasts are always on the lookout for spontaneity and fun, so they'd likely be happy renting or in the action of a city's downtown. They want to keep their options open and have the freedom to adventure at a moment's notice.⁣

Type 8 - Challengers. Challengers tend to be confident and know exactly what they want in a home. They’d be the most likely to feel good about building a home that meets their lofty expectations.⁣

Type 9 - Peacemakers. Peacemakers are easy-going, get along with everyone, and prefer to avoid any added stress or anxiety. They may choose a condo with a robust homeowner's association that governs the neighborhood and handles the bulk of home maintenance. ⁣

What do you think? Think the Enneagram is dead on or trendy hocus pocus? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear!

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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