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What question do you have about buying or selling?

Now accepting questions of all types: general, specific, open-ended, rapid-fire, skeptical, innocent, direct, delicate, trivial, creepy, and philosophical. None are off-limits!⁣

That’s right! The expert is in, and it’s time for YOU to ask ME anything you’ve ever wanted to know about real estate but were afraid to ask. Maybe you’re wondering:⁣

The house I want is the nicest in its neighborhood. Is it a mistake to buy it?⁣

I’m a smoker. Do I have to worry about the smoke smell in my home when I sell?⁣

Will my elderly dog turn buyers off of my home?⁣

Is it okay to display my collection of “out there” paintings and sculptures during showings?⁣

Do I have to disclose to buyers that the neighbors are horrible, that the home might be haunted, or that someone passed away in one of the bedrooms?⁣

Why should I hire an agent when I can sell my home myself?⁣

Ready, set, go! Drop your question(s) in the comments or shoot me a message and be on the lookout for my no-nonsense answers.

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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