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Tips for Organizing the Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, but it can also be the headache of the home if it’s not organized and maintained, am I right? That said, I've learned a few things over the years, and I'm pretty sure the key to mastering kitchen org (and kicking those headaches to the curb) is finding a system that makes sense to you! At a loss? Try kitchen “zones.” Read on to learn more!⁣

Zone 1: Everyday Items⁣

These are the things you use multiple times a day like plates, bowls, cups, flatware, and serveware. Store these pieces close to where you will use them—for example, glasses near the refrigerator and flatware near the dining area.⁣

Zone 2: Cooking + Baking items⁣

Store pots, pans, measuring cups, cutting boards, and mixing bowls near the stove and oven. Baking sheets and muffin tins can fit vertically near your oven’s thin cabinet.⁣

Zone 3: Coffee + Bar Items⁣

Zone 3 is my fave! This zone houses essentials for your morning coffee and evening wine. Keep items set apart and easily accessible by designating a particular kitchen cabinet or section of the pantry. ⁣

Zone 4: Pantry + Storage Items⁣

Zip-close bags, Tupperware, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap should be stored together for easy post-meal clean-up. Keep dry goods, spices, and small kitchen appliances in your pantry, and consider clear containers to keep a handle on when your dry goods are running low.⁣

One more encouragement about kitchen org: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again! You’ll eventually find a system that works for you!

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