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The Risk of Buying a Home Without a Real Estate Agent

While it might seem like a good idea to save a buck by going it alone, buying a home without an agent exposes you to risks that could seriously outweigh any of the benefits. What kind of risks, you ask? Here are three.

First, you may end up overpaying. Sellers are notorious for overestimating the value of their homes — which is why it’s critical for an agent to analyze the market value for you and negotiate on your behalf.

Second, you may find yourself knee-deep in inspection problems. A real estate agent not only helps you choose the right inspector, but helps you decipher the home inspection report and negotiate repairs with the seller.

And finally, you may get stuck with legal issues. Real estate law is complex and simple mistakes in the paperwork can lead to serious and costly problems an experienced agent could have steered clear of.

Moral of this story? Leave it to the experts! A real estate agent will:

- Guide you through the process from start to finish

- Represent your best interests 100% of the time

- Ensure that the buying process is clear, manageable, and dare I say? Enjoyable.

If that sounds like the type of experience you're looking for buying your next home, DM me — I’d love to connect!

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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