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The Hardest Part of Selling your Home

Getting an offer in 2022? Not too hard.⁣

By-passing obstacles that could derail said offer? A smidge harder. Sellers these days need to watch out for obstacles like:⁣

Buyer financing falling through…on closing day.⁣

Appraisal discrepancies.⁣

Stalled home inspection negotiations.⁣

Title issues.⁣

Unmet contingencies.⁣

Last-minute buyer remorse.⁣

Hurdle these hiccups with room to spare by disclosing problems with your home upfront and carefully assessing a buyer’s ability to afford your home financially. Your best bet is to link arms with a qualified agent who can guide you in each step. In the meantime, take these tips to heart:⁣

Don’t let emotions cloud your decision-making when the offer(s) comes rolling in. Instead, take your time to evaluate the pros and cons of every offer on the table.⁣

If the buyer is paying cash, request validation that they have sufficient funds. If your buyer is financing, ask to see a pre-approval letter. Even better, ask the buyer’s permission to let your agent speak with the lender about the approval.⁣

Once you accept an offer, ask your agent to create a timeline listing the important transaction dates. Share it with your buyers to ensure they agree. Have your agent regularly touch base to keep things on track and prevent surprises close to closing.⁣

Have you been on the selling side of a deal that’s fallen through? What advice do you have for sellers? Drop it in the comments below!

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