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Signs you’re NOT ready to buy!

You’re getting a mixed bag of feedback. Some of your people say, “Go for it!” Others are saying you should tap the brakes. What to do? You SO want to buy a home, but you’re not sure that’s enough to make now the right time. ⁣

Good thing you’re here, reading this post, huh?⁣

If you’ve been tossing around buying a home but just can’t quite pull the trigger, here are a few signs that you’re not ready (just yet!) for the title of homeowner:⁣

-You don’t have both a down payment AND an emergency fund (and no, your emergency fund shouldn't be your down payment).⁣

-Your credit score isn’t the best. Most lenders want mid-600s or higher.⁣

-Your work history is a little patchy.⁣

-You’re working hard to pay down debt.⁣

-You have other big expenses on the horizon.⁣

-You’re not sure where you want to put down roots.⁣

Just nodding yes to one or two? Let’s chat. I love helping hopeful buyers make the best decision for them — whether that’s to buy or wait!

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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