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Signs it’s time to sell your home

You’ve thought about it for months, obsessively tracked the nearby listings, and oddly find it fun to play with online profit calculators…multiple times a day. Not to mention your friends are tired of you talking about it, and your family is exhausted by the back-and-forth. ⁣

If that’s you, consider THIS your writing on the wall. IT IS TIME to sell your home. And even better than your friends and family breathing a HUGE sigh of relief is the fact that you’ll land top dollar this spring. ⁣

One word of caution, though. Don’t wait. Early in the selling season is the PRIME time to get your home on the MLS before inventory has time to build. ⁣

Like to talk to someone about selling who won’t tune you out? That’s me! DM me today, and let's get you moving forward.⁣

Cindy Grenier: 204-330-2567


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