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Seller Tip: What did you Love Most About your Home?

You know it’s time to sell, but if you’re honest, there’s a part of you that’s totally bummed. You adore your home. After all, there’s SO much to love—the high ceilings, the dedicated office, the oh-so-private backyard...Good news, conflicted comrade! I’ve got a seller tip that’ll help turn that frown upside down.⁣

SELLER TIP: Take those mismatched emotions and put them to use by sharing what you’ll miss the most about your home with your real estate agent. Not only will it soothe your soul to get your thoughts on paper, but it will also let buyers know things about your home that aren’t always visible during a showing. ⁣

Feel free to tag anyone you know who’s wrestling with selling a home they love. In the meantime, what one thing would you miss most if you were to move from your current home? Share below!

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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