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Seller FAQ: How Much Do I Have to Disclose to Buyers?

The short answer: Everything you know.⁣

The longer answer: You’re required to provide a written description (your agent will give you the form) about any known issues with your home that could hurt its value. Those issues include:⁣

Electrical or wiring issues⁣

Presence of lead-based paint⁣

Foundation cracks⁣

Plumbing or HVAC issues⁣

Septic or sewer problems⁣

Water seepage/flooding concerns⁣


The disclosure statement is good for buyers AND sellers. How? It brings transparency to the transaction, minimizes delays, and heads off the risk of legal headaches down the road.⁣

Selling this spring? Let me walk you through each step - including what to disclose to buyers.

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567

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