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Managing Your Home Sale during Covid-19

There are several reasons WHY homeowners would list their homes during the Covid-19 outbreak. As much as the pandemic may be slowing down/stopping some areas of our lives and impeding on our daily routines, for some, this has not affected the fact that life keeps moving forward and their home needs to be sold fast.

How can your Realtor(R) help?

New health regulations related to Covid-19 can prove difficult to maneuver in our daily lives. Workplaces are changing, our social lives are affected, and even our weekly shop isn't what it used to be. Choosing the right Realtor(R) to help you during this time is crucial.

Listing your home remotely is a common solution. Your Realtor(R) can hold a Skype or Zoom meeting with you, or even a simple phone call, to gather the basic information about your home. If you have access to a scanner you can email documents to your Realtor(R) or you can even photograph key documents with your smartphone and text or email them over. Your Realtor(R) can even drop them in a mailbox and pick them up later if you are not tech inclined. Your Realtor(R) can provide a Comparative Market Analysis, email you (or drop off) comparable properties and discuss pricing strategies remotely.

If possible, booking a walk-through with your trusted Realtor(R) would be beneficial to better price your home, as well as gather the final information and photos needed to list your home. The use of gloves, face masks, or hand sanitizer will help you stay safe. You can easily arrange for the Realtor to access your home while you are out if this makes you more comfortable.

What about Showings?

Showings can prove more difficult in times like these. Depending on your comfort levels, you may decide to hold all showings until things settle down. Your Realtor(R) can also admit showings following a thorough screening process. Verifying that the potential buyer is pre-approved, verifying identity and gathering information about recent travels, exposure and potential risk are some of the ways your Realtor(R) can keep your home safe. Again, the use of gloves, face masks, or hand sanitizer during the showings is recommended.

Open Houses may be cancelled, but your Realtor(R) can market your property on several platforms, showcase a video walk-through or a photo slideshow of your property. Interested buyers will contact your Realtor(R) to arrange a private showing.

And the Sale?

Once a Buyer shows interest in your property, the necessary documents can be drafted remotely. Your Realtor(R) is trained to navigate the negotiation process and the creation of necessary clauses and documents to protect your interest. Since everything can be emailed directly to your financial institution and your lawyer, this stage holds very low risk to your family's health.

All the documents are completed, and the conditions are cleared, the Sold sign is up and your home is Sold!


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