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Real Estate Investing: Buying a Home vs. Stocks

Have you been wondering this:

Should I invest by buying property or stocks?

It's a question I’m asked almost daily, and today, I am dishing the deets, so you don't have to wonder anymore. And the best part? The answer is much simpler than you think!

In fact, I’m even going to break it down into two lists for you, highlighting the pros of each from our friends over at Investopedia. Pretty sure this will help you quickly identify where your goals and aspirations lie.

Pros of investing in property:

- Passive income

- Tax advantages

- Hedge against inflation

- Ability to leverage

Pros of investing in stocks:

- Highly liquid

- Easy to diversify

- Low transaction fees

- Easy to add tax-advantaged retirement accounts

Does this help to answer your question? Is there anything else you wonder about investing? If so, let me know below, and I will help.

Cindy Grenier, Realtor


Selling Winnipeg, Steinbach, Niverville and areas since 2008. Services en Français.

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