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Questions to Ask Before Buying New Construction

You’ve got your eye on a location and neighborhood that is PERFECT for your family. Your only hangup? The homes are still under construction. No problem! Turn that hangup into a “Heck ya!” with a few questions to ask before buying new construction: ⁣

Is the price of the lot included? If it is, ask which lots come with the highest price tag so you can choose the one that’s right for your budget. If it isn’t included, you’ll need to add that expense to the overall cost of your home.⁣

Does the home come with a warranty? What is covered, and how long does it last? A reputable builder should stand behind their work and cover your home for at least the first few years.⁣

How long will construction take? While there are no guarantees, and the process is prone to delays, you should be able to get a general timeline. The average time in the U.S. is seven to eight months.⁣

What comes standard, and what is an upgrade? This is where I see most buyers get into trouble. What they assume is standard...isn't. Ask what finishes and appliances are included in the home’s base price and take detailed notes. If possible, tour the model home and have the sales rep point out standard vs. upgraded finishes.⁣

Is landscaping included? Some builders include landscaping, while others leave the yard totally up to you. Considering it can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 for "from scratch" landscaping, you will definitely want to leave a little space in your budget.⁣

Whether you buy an existing home or new construction, it’s always a good idea to have a realtor on your team asking any questions you may overlook. Know someone looking to buy or thinking of it yourself? I’d love to help.

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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