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Pros and Cons of New Construction

Is new construction the way to go in this dizzying-paced market? I’ve got the pros and cons you need — and it all comes down to what YOU want:⁣


Custom-fit: Customizing your new home is the biggest pros of building new construction. It gives you the chance to design almost every inch of space to meet your needs.⁣

Squeaky clean: Moving into a new home knowing that no one has ever lived there is an amazing feeling — plus, major systems and appliances won’t need replacing anytime soon.⁣

No reno: When you build or buy new construction, there's no need for updating because your home will be on trend with materials, colors, and design from day one.⁣

Builder warranties and financing incentives: Many builder warranties will cover anything that happens to the home within two years of the date of purchase.⁣


Cost: All that custom stuff? Yeah, it’s gonna come with a price. On average, it costs around 20% more to have a new home built than to buy an existing one.⁣

Limited options: Unless you build a 100% custom home, you may be limited in your design, floor plan, and finishing options.⁣

Fluid sticker price: Because of delays, change orders, and added costs, it's hard to know how much your new home will cost until the welcome mat is out.⁣

Timeline: You can be kicking your feet up in an existing home in as little as 30-45 days. New construction? Stretch that timeline out to at least 3-12 months. ⁣

Like to continue the conversation or tour some new construction communities around here? Text me and let's chat!

Cindy Grenier: 204-330-2567


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