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National Dog Day: Must-Haves for Dog-Friendly Homes

Two paws up—it’s National Dog Day! Show some extra special love to your fiercely-loyal friend by making your home the perfect pet sanctuary. Here’s a quick rundown of how: 

- Building or remodeling? Install hardwood floors or tiles (and budget for rugs and runners to prevent your gray-muzzled friend from slipping). 

- When doing a room refresh, choose rugs that resist stains, such as indoor-outdoor rugs, and avoid fur-magnet fabrics like velvet, corduroy, velour, and chenille.

- Know that energetic puppies may see exposed wood as their new favorite teething toy. If possible, opt for metal or chrome furniture accents. 

- Create a designated play space with toys and treats where your dog knows it’s two thumbs up for rompin’ and rollin’.

- Don’t downplay the importance of a plush dog bed; a bed made of high-quality materials creates the ultimate space for your dog to relax, unwind and recharge after their busy day of play, allowing both of you a good night’s sleep.

Got a tip that’s made your home extra special for your furry friend? Drop it below—and happy National Dog Day!

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