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March Maintenance Checklist

No need to get overwhelmed by March spring cleaning — take it room by room in manageable groups of threes. After all, three’s a charm!⁣

In your living room:⁣

Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures⁣

Vacuum or dry clean curtains and clean window blinds⁣

Wipe down baseboards and clear corners of dust bunnies and cobwebs⁣

In your bedrooms:⁣

Clean out drawers and closets (and donate gently used items)⁣

Wash comforters, shams, and blankets⁣

Rotate and/or flip your mattress⁣

In your kitchen:⁣

Empty the fridge and wipe down all the shelves (or stick them in the DW if they’ll fit)⁣

Defrost the freezer and toss any freezer-burned food⁣

Wipe down your microwave, stovetop, coffeemaker, and any other small appliances⁣

In your bathrooms:⁣

Toss out expired makeup, toiletries, and OTC medicines⁣

Wash the shower curtain and floor mats⁣

Clean grout (or re-grout if needed).⁣

It's not my fave, but I love how I feel and how my home looks after a serious cleaning session!

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