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Is New Construction for you?

New construction vs. existing homes. One’s not better than the other. They’re just...different. Wondering which is right for you? Here are a few points to ponder: 

- Is time on your side? Can you wait for a home to be built, or do you want to move in before the holidays? 

- Are you looking for energy efficiency? Or are you okay with a few drafts, creaks, and minor repairs?

- Do you want to tackle some small reno projects or hang a few pics on the wall and call it a day? 

- Is your location flexible? Or have you zeroed in on a certain area code or school district? 

- Are you longing for that new-home smell? Or dying to breathe new life into an older home that’s teeming with potential? 

Want to chat more about what type of home is right for you?

Cindy Grenier 204-330-2567


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