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How to Lighten Up Your Space

Longing for more daylight hours and beams of sunlight to pour through your windows? While spring isn’t here quite yet, lighten things up with these design tricks meant to boost your home’s natural light.⁣

Replace outdated wall art or photos with mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light and make a space feel lighter and airier.⁣

Consider “86ing” your window coverings. If privacy isn’t an issue, remove your blinds and shades and see how you like it. If it doesn’t work, no big deal. Just rehang them. If you do use coverings, go with a sheer or lightweight fabric.⁣

Use bright interior wall and ceiling paints. Nothing is more brilliant than white. But if you can’t go that bright due to kids, pets, or some neat-freak tendencies, check out whites with other color tones like Benjamin Moore White Dove or Classic Gray or Sherwin Williams Alabaster.⁣

While we’re talking paint, choose a glossy finish over eggshell or matte if you really want some shine. The gloss will have all your light (natural and artificial) bouncing around the room morning, noon, and night.⁣

Consider large wall art. A large painting or print can fill up a blank wall, plus if you frame it, it will add another semi-reflective finish to your walls.⁣

Go on, lighten things up this coming March with these design hacks. And as always, let me know how I can help you love your home — this month and all year long!

Cindy Grenier



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