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How to Choose the Best Offer in a Bidding War

Attention, sellers! In a bidding war and wondering how to choose the best offer? (Pro tip: It isn’t always the highest!)

First, consider the financial health of each buyer. A cash offer will always trump an offer with financing involved.

Second, weigh the contingencies and concessions. The cleaner an offer the more likely it'll go through inspections, appraisal, and closing without a hiccup.

Lastly, consider your timeline. Compare closing dates and decide your level of flexibility with when you need to move.

If you're selling in 2022, you’ve undoubtedly got the upper hand. BUT don’t let it go to your head! Keep your cool, work with a skilled agent, and zero in on the offer that makes good financial sense and feels right to you.

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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