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How to Build a Winning Offer

You’ve been scrolling homes for months, and BOOM, there it is! The home you know is destined to be yours. Now what!? ⁣

It’s time to build an offer the sellers can’t refuse — and in this market, that’s exactly what you’re gonna need! To help, here are some tips to get your seller's attention and build an offer that's sure to stand out:⁣

Get pre-approved. Unless you’re making an all-cash offer, you must, must, must include a pre-approval letter for a loan. If you haven’t yet, start that process ASAP.⁣

Set your purchase price in line with your agent’s recommendation. In this market, low-ball offers will simply be ignored and set aside.⁣

Keep the amount of conditions to a minimum. And consider waiving as many as you can to seal the deal.⁣

Bump up your deposit amount and be willing to close quickly. If your seller is anxious to get moving, an offer with a short closing window will jump to the head of the pack.⁣

Look for ways to subtly connect with the seller. Do your homework about the market and the seller and give your agent permission to share bits and pieces of your story too. ⁣

If buying in on your spring to-do list, I’d love to connect with you. Don’t wait. Send me a DM today and let’s find your next home.⁣

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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