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How Much Land Transfer Tax Will You Have to Pay?

If you are buying a home in Manitoba, you will have to pay the Land Transfer Tax as part of your closing costs. Here is a quick summary to help you calculate the Land Transfer Tax in advance to better help you budget your new purchase.

In Manitoba, the Land Titles Office keeps a registry of all land titles. Upon registering or transferring a title, one must pay a Land Title Tax (there are some exemptions, listed below). This responsibility falls upon the buyer. The total amount to be paid varies depending on the purchase cost of the property in question.

This chart will help you calculate the amount of Land Title Taxes you will have to pay when you purchase your new home.

Total purchase price Rate

$30,000 and under 0.0%

$30,001 to $90,000 0.5%

$90,001 to $150,000 1.0%

$150,001 to $200,000 1.5%

$201,000 and over 2.0%

A $70.00 registration fee applies to each registrations as well. The calculation breakdown is as follows:

For example, on a $250,000 property, the amount of Land Transfer Tax payable is $2,720.00:

$300 ($60,000 at 0,5%)

+ $600 ($60,000 at 1%)

+ $750 ($50,000 at 1.5%)

+ $1000 ($50,000 at 2%)

+ $70 (registration fee)

Exemptions: If the transfer is farmland bought by a farmer or family farm corporation and the land will continue to serve farming purposes; If the transferee is a registered charity; If the transfer is made to benefit an Indian band under the Indian Act; If the transfer is made to shareholders of a dissolved corporation; If the transfer is made to a spouse for non-commercial property.

For more info on closing costs or the Land Transfer Tax, contact Cindy at 204-330-2567.


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