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Home Decluttering Hack: The 20/20 Rule

So I just came across the 20/20 rule — ever heard of it? It may just change your decluttering life like it did mine.

Here’s what it says: If you can replace an item for under $20 AND in under 20 minutes (think order from Amazon, pick it up at Target, borrow from a neighbor…), then it’s time to kiss it goodbye!

A good starting place? Those 50 coffee mugs cramming up your cabinet, that drawer of old makeup you haven’t touched in months, or those books you always plan on reading next week.

I get it, decluttering can be tough at first, especially if you’re softy at heart or are a little rusty. But trust me—the feeling of euphoria after a deep declutter dive is so worth it.

Give it a try!

Cindy Grenier 204-330-2567


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