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Easy Valentine's Day Decor

You love your people fiercely on Valentine’s Day and every day, but when it comes to home decor and seasonal accents, you bend towards a gentler, more subtle approach. Sound familiar? Then you’ll adore these Valentine’s decor ideas sure to add lots of heart to your home with none of the fuss:

1) Choose softer shades of barely-there pink or blush to give a nod to the lovey-dovey holiday without taking pink to the extreme. Plus, throw pillows, mugs, and blankets are easy accessories to swap out as soon as the day has passed.

2) Forego the reds and pinks altogether and instead, use neutral heart-shaped garlands or window decor to dot your home with the perfect pinch of sweetness.

3) If you have some faux greenery, pull it out for a Valentine's Day hack. Simply attach a painted wooden heart in the middle for tasteful, affordable decoration.

Happy decorating — and happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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