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Earth Day: Home Sustainability

Earth Day is the perfect time to remember that small changes can make a big difference no matter what the context. To that end, here are a few tiny but manageable home sustainability tips you can make starting today that will impact our world for years to come:⁣

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.⁣

Reuse bags, water bottles, scrap paper, and glass jars.⁣

Plant a backyard garden or start composting.⁣

Replace appliances with energy-efficient models.⁣

Turn off lights when you leave a room.⁣

Repair drippy faucets.⁣

Lower the temperature on your water heater or thermostat.⁣

Use cloth instead of paper to clean your kitchen.⁣

Have any home sustainability tips to share? Comment below!⁣

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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