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Design tip: How to style bookshelves

Everyone else’s bookshelves? To die for.⁣

Yours? A jumbled mess. ⁣

If you’re ready, once and for all, to close the book on disheveled shelves, here are five simple ways you can whip ‘em into shape:⁣

1. Empty them out and only hang on to the books and items that mean something to you.⁣

2. Now “ground” your bookshelves by placing your largest items first.⁣

3. Mix up your book placement with some laying horizontal and some vertical.⁣

4. Add a splash of color with a succulent or a long leafy plant.⁣

5. Stand back and tweak until it feels just right. ⁣

Happy shelving, friends!

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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