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Back to School Real Estate Quiz

With the back-to-school season quickly approaching, I thought a good ole pop quiz was in order. With me? Grab your #2 pencils and let's go!

Q: True or false: A home passes or fails the home inspection.

Q: True or false: You can find the value of your home on Zillow.

Q: How many homes should someone view before they buy?

Let’s see how you did. 

A: False. There is no “pass/fail' system for a home inspection. An inspector simply assesses the condition and quality of the home objectively, and the buyer is informed about these findings.

A: Zillow is often incorrect. The Zestimates are often times inflated and off by large percentages. The best way to find your home price is through a market analysis by a professional (ask me for help!)

A: Trick question! Buying a home is different for everyone; there’s no magic number of homes to see before making a decision. Most often, when you know, you know!

Happy back-to-school, friends! Let me know how I can help you buy or sell this fall - send me a DM and I’ll be in touch.

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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