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Are Short-Term Rentals Profitable?

Who doesn’t want to own a weekend getaway spot with the freedom to rent it out when they’re not there? The real question is: Are short-term rentals a profitable strategy? ⁣

The short answer is yes! If you can swing it financially and weather the constant flow of laid-back vacationers in and out of your property, short-term rentals can be very profitable. Before signing on the dotted line you'll want to consult an agent who knows the market and can advise on things like location, property maintenance, and upfront costs. ⁣

Keep in mind that you’ll enjoy some added tax benefits in addition to your boost in cash flow. Because short-term rentals operate as a business, you’ll only pay taxes on the profit and can readily deduct expenses like furniture, streaming subscriptions, utilities, and more. ⁣

Do you want to take a peek inside some of the hottest rental properties in our market? DM me today - I’d love to show you around!

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