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Appraisal 101: The appraisal came in low. Now what?

The appraisal came in low. Now what? ⁣

First, don’t stress. There are lots of things you can control in the buying process, but one you can’t? Where that appraisal comes in. Take a deep breath and remember, an appraisal is good — it’s there to keep you from overpaying on a home.⁣

So what to do when the number is punier than your purchase price? Here are your options:⁣

- Appeal it.⁣

- Ask for a second appraisal.⁣

- Negotiate the purchase price with the seller.⁣

- Find more cash to bring to the table.⁣

Now, sellers, listen up; unless you’ve got a cash offer, a low appraisal could be a full stop to your selling plans. Help your home appraise for top dollar by: ⁣

- Repairing all the small things: leaky tap? Sticky door?

- Cleaning and decluttering to have your home looking its best.⁣

- Leaving a list of home upgrades and features for the appraiser to view during the appraisal.⁣

Save this post for later, and let me know if you want to talk more about buying or selling this summer. I’d love to connect!

Cindy Grenier - 204-330-2567


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