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#1 Home Feature to Consider

It’s cliché advice, but it’s really, really good advice. And it’s all wrapped up in one little word (repeated three times, of course): Location, location, location! It’s true. Location is the #1 feature to consider when looking for a home. It trumps:⁣

-Square footage⁣

-Bed/bath count⁣


-Outdoor living areas⁣

-Neighborhood amenities⁣

Why? Two reasons: ⁣

-Because it's huge in determining your home’s value over time. You're likely better off down the road having an average house in a great location than having the best house in a less-in-demand location.⁣

-That postal code zip code ain’t gonna change. The kitchen? You can change that. Flooring? That too. But the address. Nope. That’s the same forever and always.⁣

Buying soon and curious to see a handful of “locations” in our town? DM me — I’d be happy to show you some of our most established neighborhoods and a few that are up-and-coming.

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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