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What to Know Before Competing in a Multiple Offer Situation

Check out these 5 secrets for getting your offer accepted when the seller has multiple to choose from:⁣

1) Offer above asking.⁣

2) Get pre-approved by a local lender before shopping for homes.⁣

3) Defer closing terms and timeline 100% to sellers.⁣

4) The less days in the conditional period, the better.⁣

5)Gather a large(r) down payment or pay cash if you can.⁣

If you’re nervous, exhausted, or just plain mad at the buying process these days, I would love to talk and share how buying with me is different. ⁣

Have you purchased a home in the past six months? What was your experience like in this market? Comment your thoughts/questions below!

Cindy Grenier, 204-330-2567


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